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Raising Kingly Generation

Together with parents, we are shaping the lives of the students to arise as men and women of God to walk in the divine destiny that God has prepared beforehand for them, in order to lead and reveal the future of this nation. 

Our Mission

Ability to lead and influence people,   combined with the capacity to uproot and solve problems

Managerial skill

Ability to efficiently manage the available resources. 


Ability to recognize and create an opportunity and act accordingly to produce innovative ideas and products. 


Ability to take initiate change, produce a rapid acceleration and transmit positive substance to reach a brighter tomorrow. 

Our curriculum

Classical Curriculum

QCA adopts a classical school curriculum, with each subject integrated with each other, and always based on the values of the truth of God’s Word.

Core Culture

God is Our Top Priority

Core Culture

Brothers’s Keeper

Web Development

We Compliment and Appreciate Each Other

Core Culture

We Respect and Honor Our Authority

Core Culture

We Behave Ourselves and Show Proper Manner

Brand Identity

Let’s Keep Our Environtment Clean & Neat

Join Our Family

We are not just an ordinary school, but we are family

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