About Us

The Vision

Raising Kingly Generation Ruling The Earth

Together with parents, we are shaping the lives of the students to arise as men and women of God to walk in the divine destiny that God has prepared before for them, in order to lead and reveal the future of this nation.

The Mission

  1. To plant the seed of the apostolic call in the students’ lives and prepare them to discover and live in the divine destiny for their lives.
  2. To pull out and maximize every hidden potential within each student by building the four “pillars” into their life:LeadershipEntrepreneurshipManagerialCatalyst
  3. To equip students with relevant life skills & beneficial experiences.
  4. To sharpen the thinking, analytical, social and spiritual skills in each student’s life.

Quiver Center Academy will prepare the next generation of leaders who will take responsibility for repairing the ruins and revealing the destiny of this nation. Therefore, QCA will take on the role as a catalyst to this nation, to bring a new future of prosperity and peace

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