Meet Our
Leadership Team

Leony Maranatha

Grammar Principal

Ruth Mustika

Kindergarten Principal

Gillian Tampi

Logic Principal


We prioritize the quality of the teaching staff at QCA, who are equipped with an integrated teaching concept. Each teacher at QCA teaches subjects that are interrelated with each other.


Every teacher at QCA has quality skills, and is able to deliver every knowledge and subject matter in a fun and applicable way.


QCA ensures that every teacher has a passion for teaching, loves children, and has the heart to bring forth future leaders who live in truth.

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Have a longing to be able to contribute in the world of education, and raise future leaders who walk the path of truth and God’s Word?

Our Mission

  1. To plant the seed of the apostolic call in the students’ lives and prepare them to discover and live in the divine destiny for their lives.  
  1. To pull out and maximize every hidden potential within each student by building the four “pillars” into their life: 
  • Leadership 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Managerial
  • Catalyst
  1. To equip students with relevant life skills & beneficial experiences. 
  1. To sharpen the thinking, analytical, social and spiritual skills in each student’s life. 

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