The Grades


The subjects we teach at the Kindergarten (Kindergarten) level are Character Building, Science, Math, English, Physical Exercise & Art. For K4 & K5 we have Performing Art & Indonesian Language.

We also plant the seeds of love for God from an early age, in daily devotion every morning.


One of the advantages of QCA, especially at the Grammar level (Elementary School) is that we have a school culture with Core Culture: We are not just a school, but we are a FAMILY.

Where from this Core Culture there are 6 other cultures that we always apply & we train for the children to live. The culture built includes prioritizing God in all their life activities, then they learn to respect teachers and parents as their authority and students will function as guardians of others.


In the Junior high school level called “LOGIC,” students will develop structured and directed communication skills, enabling accurate analysis and evaluation. They will discuss using critical thinking and argumentation, receiving assessments for this ability. Additionally, in the ‘spiritual’ aspect, students will be encouraged to meditate on words for a more accurate understanding, reflected in a practical ‘devotion journal.’ The Logic level involves practical application through projects, experimentation, and research, ensuring theory connects to everyday life.

Major Mastery

When students reach high school, they begin to enter the rhetorical stage. At this age students have a great desire to express themselves, developed the ability to think carefully, have a broad perspective and the ability to think, analyze, and draw logical conclusions.

At this stage, children begin to reveal the best potential they have and are directed to enter the destiny that God has determined for them.

Why us

The best education academically and spiritually

We ensure that every child brings out their best potential both in academics and skills, and also has a strong spiritual foundation of faith so that they become people of character and have complete qualities as leaders.

Holistic approach
Passionate teachers
Supervision to keep children

Children are trained to have broad knowledge, systematic thinking, and the ability to convey their thoughts and ideas.


Children bring out the best potential in terms of skills and abilities,. Children are trained to have brilliant soft skills. They are able to persuade people, have good social skills, and are good at teamwork.


The Qca ecosystem trains children to become emotionally healthy people, able to handle and express emotions well and correctly


Qca is very concerned with children’s spirituality, from childhood they are trained to be completely dependent on God and make God the center of their lives, so that they have the character of Christ in their lives

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