The Curriculum

The goal of QCA is to prepare the next generation of leaders who will initiate and carry out national transformation.

For this goal, Quantum Change Academy builds its own curriculum based on:

  • A strategic vision for the future
  • A Christ-centered education
  • A classical approach to education (Trivium)
  • A character building curriculum aims to shape the nature of each child to become an effective leader, entrepreneur, manager and catalyst.
Rex Regis Ingenero Regula Terra

In QCA, all subjects and the character traits will be designed to derive the 4 pillars from each child:

  1. Leadership: ability to lead and influence people, combined with the capacity to uproot and solve problems.
  2. Entrepreneurship: ability to recognize and create an opportunity and act accordingly to produce innovative ideas and products.
  3. Managerial skill: ability to efficiently manage the available resources.
  4. Catalyst: ability to take initiate change, produce a rapid acceleration and transmit positive substance to reach a brighter tomorrow.

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Quiver Center Academy will prepare the next generation of leaders who will take responsibility for repairing the ruins and revealing the destiny of this nation. Therefore, QCA will take on the role as a catalyst to this nation, to bring a new future of prosperity and peace

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